Valley Rubber Mixing's Glo-Mold is now odorless!

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Glo-Mold Advantages
Minimize press downtime
Minimize excessive labor in mold handling
Reduce mold damage or abrasion
Reduce delays due to schdeduling of cleaning equipment
Reduce number of rejects due to defects or poor surface appearance
Reduce heat transfer loss

What is Glo-Mold?

GLO-MOLD is the unique, patented rubber compound for in-place mold cleaning. Using Glo-Mold ELIMINATES OR REDUCES
typical problems and hidden costs of conventional mold cleaning techniques.

Glo-Mold is a fully accelerated rubber compound that is fabricated basically in the same fashion as the production stock. It is used as preventative maintnenance, cleaning the mold before it gets too dirty or fouled.

How to use Glo-Mold

Before using Glo-Mold, first establish how long it takes for the mold to get dirty or fouled. This is the point where the mold SHOULD be pulled and cleaned. When the mold starts to yield scrap parts, due to a large volume of foul material, or when the parts show surface imperfections, the mold should be maintained. (In some cases, this might happen every shift. In other molds, it may be every month.)

Once we determine this cleaning point, we must try to establish a procedure for running the Glo-Mold in half that time. For example, if the point to pull and clean should be every shift, then we need to use the Glo-Mold half-way through the shift (maybe lunch time?) If the mold gets dirty every month, we need to try to clean every two weeks. The reason for this more frequent cleaning is the mold foul grows at an exponential rate. For example, if the mold is running in a press for half a shift, it will accumulate one micron of foul. In the next four hours, the foul layer will not be two microns, it will be four to eight microns. At that point (eight hours) it will take four cleanings in a row to get the mold as clean as one cleaning every four hours.

Three factors are very important:

1.  Glo-Mold should be used as a preventative maintenance product.  That is, Glo-Mold should be applied before the mold gets too fouled. Rule of thumb is to use Glo-Mold at double the frequency of your current method of cleaning.

2.  In processing Glo-Mold, DO NOT BUMP THE MOLD. Bumping decreases cleaning by 50%.

3.  Turn off the VACUUM SYSTEM. The vacuum will impair cleaning efficiency.

Glo-Mold in a tire mold.

Glo-Mold Before
Before Using Glo-Mold

Glo-Mold After
After Using Glo-Mold

Utilizing GLO-MOLD in the Tire Industry

Tire Tread Mold Before Using Glo-Mold

Tire Tread Mold After Using Glo-Mold

NORMAL PROCESSING techniques are used with GLO-MOLD in injection, compression and
transfer molding.

can be extremely effective when GLO-MOLD is used regularly. Molds are kept clean. Costs are reduced. Productivity can be increased 5 – 10%.

is accomplished by penetration of the reactive ingredients through the “dirt” layer and subsequent absorption onto the surface of the compound. Diffusion can be affected by the nature of the “dirt”, time, temperature and pressure.

are critical to insure maximum cleaning. While higher temperatures increase the diffusion rate, they also reduce the cleaning time. Cavity pressure should be maintained by insuring adequate charge weight. Do not “bump”.


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